Mail for Change

Brand Identity / Web / Creative Direction

Bulgaria’s state health care provisions do not fully cover neuromuscular diseases, which deeply affects the life of the sick and those around them. In addition there is no political will among governments in Bulgaria for the last 23 years to solve this problem.


With this in mind we created a truly shocking and controversial campaign that targets citizens and institutions alike. The 14-year old Alexander, a boy who suffers from neuromuscular distrophy, published an ad in Ebay that he sells his organs. That ad was spread by all major medias in Bulgaria and the problem of these people became a hot topic. We asked people’s support for our cause and increase governmental awareness and subsidies allocation. We encouraged the audience to petition the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Health, Social Policy and Education.


The design work for the project included multilingual logo and website design. The campaign itself became very successful and in only 7 days there was a reaction from the Minister of Health and the first steps to solve the problem were made.

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