Philips Citiscape

Print / OOH / Web / Creative Direction

To promote a new line of Philips Citiscape Headphones at Bulgarian market.


You wear your headphones because you want to enjoy your favourite music or just to escape from annoying noises of the city environment. But when you do this, you actually missed the specific sounds of your city too.


To invite four of most popular Bulgarian musicians and DJ’s who will collect and select some of the specific noises of Sofia and after that to create a music and songs with them. In short – to create the very first Soundtrack of Sofia.


The first stage of the campaign finished with an audio exhibition where everybody was able to hear some of the specific sounds of the Bulgarian capital. The city was devided on few zones and everyone of the autors had their own zone with the name of one of the series in Citiscape’s portfolio. At the exhibition every zone was presented with banners with pictures from the zone. The second stage of the campaign was spread the soundtrack among people. All 8 tracks were uploaded at a special website so everybody was able to download them and to listen.

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